The presents are all opened, the little ones are enjoying the wrapping paper and the box just as much as the gift and the house just smells like Christmas today.

We hope that this morning finds our readers, advertisers and staff members warm and healthy and enjoying the best Christmas ever. Families are gathering for traditional events, be it a church service, a special meal or just some down time together. No doubt, past Christmases shared with generations of family members no longer here will be talked about.

Our prayers go out to those who have loved ones serving in the military, whether it is in war zones in Iraq or Afghanistan or deployed to American bases worldwide. Set an extra place setting at the table to remember them today. May they take comfort in knowing Americans appreciate the troops' sacrifice and that of their families.

Ours is a pluralistic society, one that values people of all faiths and backgrounds. We freely acknowledge and appreciate that and share warm greetings of the season for those whose faiths differ from Christianity.

The preparations of the season are inescapable. We are bombarded in stores, our homes, lawns and our places of worship. We pray that the season's messages of love, hope and forgiveness be as lasting on the inside as they are tangible on the outside.

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