The National Basketball Association this week made good on its pledge to discipline players who misbehave.

New York Knicks forward Antonio Davis was suspended for five games for entering the stands during a game in Chicago to confront an unruly fan. The Associated Press reports the suspension could cost him about $700,000.

Mr. Davis thought the fan was harassing his wife. The suspension may not be the end of it for the couple. The 22-year-old fan told reporters he plans to sue the player and his wife. He claims Mrs. Davis tried to scratch him when he protested a call.

The last time players went into the stands a brawl erupted. It was brought on when Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson fought with fans in Detroit. That fracas led to criminal charges and a change in dress and procedures on the team benches.

Mr. Davis is to be credited for sticking up for his wife, but let security handle such matters. His job is on the basketball court.

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