Oklahoma history was one of those subjects in junior high and high school that bonded students. Like English and social studies, a course in the state's history was required before graduation.

Not any more. Beginning with the freshman high school class of 2006, students who identify themselves as "college bound" no longer will be required by the state to take Oklahoma history. They'll have to take three history and citizenship skill units but U.S. history will be the only listed required history class. They can still choose it, and we hope they do.

Moore reporter Jennifer Griswold, writing in today's Transcript, said students who decide to opt out of college-preparatory classes will still be required to take Oklahoma history. They'll be the ones who get to learn about the tribes that inhabited the land, territorial politics and governors, the diverse geography and growth of cities and towns.

We're all for public schools enhancing the curriculum and expecting more out of all students, not just those who are college bound. But it seems kind of odd that in a year that Oklahoma kicks off a year-long statehood centennial anniversary, kids no longer are exposed to the history.

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