In times of war and increased patriotism, it seems like it would be an easy slam dunk to get a memorial built to honor local military veterans. That's hardly the case with the Cleveland County Veteran's Memorial. It seems like years ago that organizer Don Schulenberg first showed us the idea.

He proposed building one here like the ones he had seen in his travels around the state as American Legion commander. Norman Mayor Ron Henderson helped secure the site on public parkland along Jenkins Avenue.

The project has been stalled for many months. The design is ready. All that's needed is the money. Only about $15,000 has been raised. They need at least $200,000 more to complete the project. Part of it could be constructed if they had about $50,000. City officials have put up land on the south side of Reaves Park, across from the KidSpace playground.

It's hard to raise that kind of money a few dollars at a time. Organizers are hoping for a big-name gift from a generous individual or company that would encourage other donors to step forward. We'd like to see that but would also encourage other cities and towns in Cleveland County to support the memorial. Moore, Noble, Lexington, Slaughterville and Cleveland County itself should come forward and support the plan.

Cleveland County residents have proudly served in the military for more than a century. It seems fitting the county should support a permanent memorial in their honor.

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