We commented on last month’s burglary of Mission Norman as an example of about as low as one can get on the human food chain. Now, we’re seeing some even lower forms of life.

Looters have been arrested near some of the areas damaged by last month’s tornadoes. While family and friends are helping gather what is salvageable, strangers are combing homesites looking for items of value that they can keep or trade for cash.

There have also been some arrests of thieves who pretend to be tornado relief workers going door to door collecting money for storm victims. One man in Sallisaw was arrested after stealing items from a rural woman who refused to donate to the cause.

Then there’s the home repair scams that move into the area, patch up a few roofs, take the money and then move on to the next community hit by storms. We know our local roofers and home repair crews are swamped, but it may be worth the wait, as they’ll be here long after the storm chasers leave Oklahoma.

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