Republicans in Congress could have moved to protect their young pages from the advances of former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley.

They could have moved to oust Foley from his position of trust.

They could have moved to see that Foley received the help he so obviously needs.

They could have moved to prevent our democracy from being tarnished yet again.

Instead, they closed ranks, choosing to protect one of their own over safety, over ethics and, even, over decency.

By this time, it should have escaped no voter that Republicans in Congress are now guilty of the very same despicable behavior they so successfully cited against Democrats during the GOP's rise to the majority. Republicans sought to protect Foley in the same manner Democrats sought to protect President Clinton. As despicable as Clinton's acts were, at least he targeted adults. Foley didn't even stay within those bounds, yet his colleagues did nothing to stop him.

Both parties are now guilty of, at best, self-serving or, at worst, sociopath behavior. Not only can we not trust our leaders in Washington to do what is necessary for the country, we can't even trust them to protect our children if we send them to the Capitol.

The pages targeted by Foley -- and all Americans -- have learned a very sad lesson in democracy.

-- The Stillwater NewsPress

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