Republican State Sen. Kathleen Wilcoxson was the latest legislator we've heard publicly make the prediction for a special legislative session. With two work weeks left starting today, lawmakers still have some fundamental decisions to make.

Sen. Wilcoxson told a Moore chamber audience last week the current session is buried in politics. "We have done very little," she told chamber members and guests. "We are a long way from a budget agreement because of a divided legislature."

Many state Senators and some House members want to invest some of the state's surplus funds on one-time expenses such as road and bridge repair and facility replacement. Others want to return some of the money back to taxpayers in the form of rebates and tax cuts.

The session will get interesting in coming days as committees begin the task of building a compromise on budget numbers. Because it is an election year -- with 15 House members facing term limits -- we look for quite a bit of posturing.

Some of those term-limited lawmakers are running for other offices. That may complicate things. Votes and positions taken may be more about the next position than the one they currently hold.

The budget this year is about $6.7 billion. Lawmakers are faced with the task of dealing with $628 million more than was available in last year's state budget. One longtime lawmaker said sessions are much easier when they have no extra money to spend

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