Ten deaths have been attributed to the Oklahoma storms this past week. Norman and most of Cleveland County escaped most of the damage, but our neighbors in McClain County were among the areas that were hardest hit May 24.

In total, McClain County had 319 homes and businesses damaged, with 119 destroyed.

By comparison, Canadian County had 225 total homes and businesses damaged, with 130 destroyed.

Researchers said there are a number of reasons why Oklahoma storms had fewer fatalities than the storms in Missouri. Storms that hit the area in 1999, and even last year, prompted more residents to invest in storm shelters.

Additionally, the tornadoes May 24 did not cut through an urban area like the ones in Joplin. The population density in rural Goldsby versus Joplin can’t compare.

To date, Oklahoma has seen 63 tornadoes from January to May of this year compared to 65 in the same period in 2010.

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