The mauling of a Moore boy by a neighbor's pit bull dogs June 12 has brought a number of reactions from local officials. The child was attacked when he put his arm through a hole in the fence in the 1000 block of NW 19th Street in Moore. The bites were so severe that the child's arm had to be amputated.

State Rep. Paul Wesselhoft wants to phase out the breed in Oklahoma. He asked the Moore City Council to pass an ordinance restricting ownership and breeding of the animals he referred to as "Frankenstein Canines." Moore reporter Jennifer Griswold reported the proposal in Wednesday's Transcript.

Mr. Wesselhoft's proposal would require pit bull owners to keep the breed inside an eight-foot fence that extends a foot into the ground. Warning signs must be posted, $100,000 liability insurance bonds purchased per dog and minors would now be allowed to own them.

He also wants to prohibit breeding of animals and not allow owners to transfer dogs to someone other than a family member. Also, the legislation forbids transporting animals into the state.

Mr. Wesselhoft, a Moore Republican, says he knows the legislation will be controversial. That may be the understatement of the year.

Once word gets out, pit bull owners will mount an offensive that will make Oklahoma cockfighters look passive.

We don't think the legislation should single out one particular breed. There are many vicious dogs that can cause as much harm as a pit bull. The legislature should appoint an interim study to look at what other states and municipalities have done to protect their residents.

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