Cleveland County, like the rest of the nation, is aging slowly. Census data shows the population age 65 and older has increased from 8.4 percent of the population in 2000 to 10.2 percent in the 2010 census.

With the university’s presence in Norman, the 20-to-24 age group amounts to 10.4 percent of the population. The 15-to-19-year-old category makes up 7.6 percent of the population.

Cleveland County estimates there are 255,755 residents here compared to 208,016 in 2000. That’s an annualized increase of 2.9 percent. By 2016, the Census Bureau estimates there will be 281,975 persons living here, an increase of more than 8.5 percent.

Of that estimated population in 2016, planners estimate nearly 33,500 of us will be age 65 or older, making up almost 12 percent of the population.

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