Everything’s a tradeoff it seems. To those of us who spend the latter part of this week in Oklahoma, while other lucky Sooner fans enjoy ocean breezes off the southern California coast, we wish we were there.

On the other hand, word is temps have been just as warm here this week as in “sunny” San Diego. You may be dining at some of the tonier spots the SoCal star has to offer, but we’ll save a little of that money and still know we have some of the best pizza, Mexican, BBQ, steaks and burgers to choose from while we await game time. You’ll have a nice hotel room with maid service, we’ll have the comfort of our own homes, and perhaps a fire in the fireplace if it turns chilly. And, while you were enjoying the world-renowned San Diego Zoo and Sea World, we got to see the Sooner men play a gut-check game and come up victorious against ORU Wednesday night.

Of course, we’ll be gathered around the TV come 7 p.m. this evening, and there’s no way that can match being there.

But you won’t get the benefit of instant replay and so we’ll have soooo many more opportunities to second-guess the refs and play-calling.

Yep, it’s all about trade-offs. But we’ll make a deal with you. Come tonight, let’s make sure we give those Duck fans something not to look forward to when the ’06 season starts.

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