To look at the Moore High boys soccer record, it would be hard to imagine they had a good season. With a below .500 record, the Lions struggled to find consistency.

However, compared to previous season, this was one of the better soccer teams MHS produced in quite a while, according to senior Kyle Pezant.

“I’d say the Moore High School team this year performed a lot better than my previous years because we played as a team,” Pezant said. “And I’m also pleased with the way I performed overall.”

Besides his offensive prowess at forward, Pezant’s best attribute this season may have been his leadership. Even when his Lions struggled to find a win at the start of the season, the two-time captain kept his team focused.

“I was more of a leader on the field this year, more than any other year,” Pezant said. “I was more serious about all these games because I knew they were my last games with Moore High School.”

Pezant performance this season was good enough to earn him a spot on the 2007 All-Sate team.

“It was exciting,” Pezant said. “I thought about making it when I was younger, like my junior and sophomore year, and when I made it, it was a relief.”

Unfortunately, Pezant’s West Squad fell 4-0 to the East June 14.

Pezant was joined on the team by MHS teammate Caesar Grandos and Westmoore’s Paul Atakpo and Casey King. But that was not enough to overcome a sold East unit.

“It was intense and I enjoyed playing in it,” Pezant said. “It was pretty much what I thought it was going to be. I think if I’d of played in a central and midfield position I could’ve helped out some more. The team didn’t really use wings as much so I wasn’t really that big of help.”

Not being able to play at his complete best frustrated Pezant slightly. One of the reasons he was looking forward to the All-State game was to show he belong with the state’s best.

“I was nervous but at the same time I came to prove that I could play at that level so I had some confidence in that too,” Pezant said. “I was relieved that the game was over. I thought that my team could’ve performed better but I was pleased with my performance.”

Pezant, 18, will play for Mid-America Christian University next year after signing with the Evangels .

“Kyle is an extremely skillful and intelligent player. Kyle contributed greatly to coach Julie Duncan’s Moore High School team,” MACU coach Zach Bice said. “We are looking forward to having Kyle join our soccer program and know that he will do an exceptional job for us.”

MACU could seem just like high school for Pezant. The Evangels also signed the Lions’ Nick Carter, Marvin Lazo and Donte’ Roberti.

With his friends and teammates surrounding him, Pezant is ready for the next state of his soccer career to begin.

“That’s going to be the next level,” Pezant said. “And like I said I know I can play at it. So I’m just ready for college to start.”

Tim Beedle contributed to this story.

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