Coach Darla Gilmore knew the odds were stacked against them. She also figured that facing the No. 1 team in the state was not going to be a picnic.

But even Gilmore had no idea just how good Sapulpa High was until her Moore High girls were dismantled 81-33 in the first round of the regional tournament at SHS.

“Sapulpa is extremely good,” Gilmore said. “We played one of the best teams in the state. If they don’t take state, I would be surprised.”

SHS didn’t allow the Lions to get much done offensively. It was the worst defeat of the season for MHS.

“We didn’t look real good,” Gilmore said. “And I know a lot of that is who you are playing. It was a battle and struggle to execute and follow through with what we have done. They were beating us to spots and we couldn’t beat them off the boards.”

Yet, as harsh as their final game was, Gilmore said their were positive aspects she was able to take out of the contest.

“My kids played hard,” Gilmore said. “Didn’t give up. We ended up scoring 32 points. That’s not great. But the team they played next (Charles page) only scored 12. We were just short handed. The effort was good.”

The regional game was a microcosm of the entire season. There were a few rays of light that poked through the dark haze that had developed around the team.

“I felt like there were highlights,” Gilmore said. “The win against Edmond Memorial was the first time we beat them since I have been here. We have overcome some things throughout season. Overall we managed to hang in and compete. We just didn’t get blown out of too many games We tried to put our best foot forward every game. And that is hard when you are losing a lot of games.”

The Lions ended their year with a 3-19 record. It is the second time in her four years at MHS that Gilmore has had to endure winning only three games.

But Gilmore says that this year stands out.

“This was one of, if not the toughest season I have had so far,” Gilmore said. “I felt like it was a tough season for the players and for me. We had some low spots. We managed to work through them.

“Hopefully they have learned something from this season and will use it next year.”

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