The Moore American

January 23, 2013

No settling for Stoops

American Staff
The Moore American

MOORE — Oklahoma’s expectations are not going to shrink. Sooner coach Bob Stoops made that clear.

“People get bored with just winning the Big 12 championship. They want more,” he said. “You’ve gotta win the national championship.”

That’s been the deafening roar since OU’s season ended with a 41-13 loss to Texas A&M in the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic. The loss, which dropped the Sooners to 10-3 for a second straight season, was seen by some as a marker of how the program has slipped.

Despite winning the Big 12 championship in 2010 and sharing the title with Kansas State this season, it has been four years since OU played in the national championship game and 13 since it hung a national championship banner.

“I hate it,” Stoops said. “We’ve been pretty used to it. I helped create that, and to me, it’s the pulse here. I don’t like it, but that’s me.”

But how does OU get back to an elite level?

The Sooners have been planning to move on without Landry Jones at quarterback for years. The defense could return as few as three starters next season. Stoops doesn’t mind turnover.

“I never mind playing guys we’re gonna sign in February,” Stoops said. “I mean, we’ve had a lot of good ones come in and make big contributions, so that may be the case to a degree, but I think always, too, there’s a lot of guys — every year, I say this, and you know that — that people aren’t seeing that we are trying to develop, and come on, and, ‘Wow, who’s this guy?’ I’m hopeful we’ll have some of those guys. We always have in the past, so, like I said, sometimes it’s not bad some guys are moving on.”