While it might've appeared to be some sort of stunt gone wrong, Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford's small plane crash at a California golf course on Thursday wasn't done for show.

According to reports, the 72-year-old actor's World War 2-era training plane crashed at Penmar Golf Course in Venice, California Thursday afternoon due to mechanical problems.

While unidentified at the time of the crash, celebrity news outlet TMZ first learned that the pilot involved in the crash was Ford.

Golf course employee Howard Teba, told NBC News that he put a blanket under Ford's hip shortly after the crash as Ford was treated for his injuries.

"There was blood all over his face," Teba told NBC. "Two very fine doctors were treating him, taking good care of him."

Ford's plane, identified by authorities as a single-engine Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR, clipped some tree branches and crashed on the golf course shortly after takeoff from Santa Monica Airport, Los Angeles Assistant Fire Chief Patrick Butler Butler said in an interview.

Following the crash and Ford's trip to a hospital, the actor's son, Ben Ford, kept fans and well-wishers updated via his Twitter account, thanking them for their support of his father.

According to the Washington Post, Ford, who is slated to star in Star Wars: Episode VII later this year, has crashed an aircraft before in Nebraska back in 2000 shortly after crash-landing a helicopter in Los Angeles.

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