Police unsure what led to Kentucky triple homicide shooting

Following the discovery of the bodies of the Hendrix family and the shooting death of suspected shooter, Jason Hendrix, police are left investigating the possibilities related to a triple homicide in Corbin, Ky.

CORBIN, Ky.--Police have yet to determine a motive for the slaying of a family last week.

Currently, Jason Hendrix, 16, is considered the prime suspect in the triple homicide of his mother, father and sister.

Corbin police found the bodies of Kevin Hendrix, Sarah Hendrix and their daughter Grace Hendrix around 5 p.m. Saturday.

Corbin City Police Public Information Officer Rob Jones said all three victims appeared to have died from gun shot wounds. The shooting is believed to have happened Wednesday evening.

The Associated Press reported Sarah Hendrix was shot twice in the face. Kevin Hendrix was shot twice in the head. Grace Hendrix was shot twice in the head and once in the arm. The shots were fired into pillows at a close distance in an effort to muffle the sound. The surviving member of the Hendrix family, 19-year-old Lizzie, was away at college at the time of the murders.

Jason Hendrix was killed in a shootout with Baltimore County, Md., police Saturday morning after leading police on a high speed chase. The chase ended after Jason Hendrix crashed into another vehicle and began shooting at Baltimore police. Baltimore police returned fire and fatally shot Jason Hendrix. One police officer was shot during the shootout, but the bullet struck his ballistic vest.

According to Baltimore County Police, Jason Hendrix was in possession of four .38 caliber handguns, one 9mm handgun, a shotgun and a backpack containing ammo for all the weapons. The 9mm and one of the .38 caliber handguns were found loaded.

Unable to interview their main suspect, Corbin police are turning to family members and friends for answers.

Jones said that while there is a lot of speculation, police have not been able to determine a motive for the shooting.

According to reports, Jason Hendrix was possibly angry with his parents for taking away his computer privileges.

Corbin City Police Chief David Campbell said the events that led up to the shooting on Wednesday are also still under investigation.

"There's different theories," Campbell said. "I think it will all come out later, but right now we're not for certain."

Jason Hendrix attended church Wednesday evening and reportedly didn't show any signs of distress, according to a report by The Associated Press. Campbell told The Associated Press Jason Hendrix went to church and told members he had found his father's guns, but didn't say whether or not the weapons were in the vehicle at the time.

Police found a gas receipt showing the teen had been in New Jersey on Thursday.

Corbin City Police are working in conjunction with Baltimore County, Maryland Police on the death investigations.

Autopsies were performed on Kevin Hendrix, Sarah Hendrix and Grace Hendrix Sunday, according to Whitley County Coroner Andy Croley. Jones said investigators are still waiting on the autopsy report.

Jason Hendrix was a member of the Corbin High School ROTC. Grace Hendrix was a Corbin Middle School cheerleader. Kevin and Sarah Hendrix were local beekeepers who sold honey at the Whitley County Farmers' Market. Sarah Hendrix was also an associate professor at Union College in Barbourville, Ky.

The Associated Press contributed to this story. Smith writes for the Corbin (Ky.) Times-Tribune.

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