1. Ashlee Buratti's Facebook status said her heart was breaking, so emergency responders in St. Cloud, Fla. quickly came to the rescue.

Members of the Osceola County fire and sheriff's departments showed up to celebrate the 6th birthday of Buratti's autistic son Glenn after learning that no one from his class showed up to his party. They came bearing gifts, even a helicopter--and not the remote control kind. 

2. An antiquated racial slur got a Cleveland, Ohio news anchor into the hottest of modern water Monday morning

Fox 8's Kristi Capel quickly took to social media to apologize for describing the music of Lady Gaga as "jigaboo."

"I do apologize if I offended you," Capel replied to a Twitter user who objected to her use of the term. "I didn't know the meaning behind it or that it was even a word."

3. The latest pop culture parody from the gang at Sesame Street? A House of Cards style take on the Three Little Pigs.

Airing the Monday before the 3rd season release of Netflix's hit political drama, House of Bricks features Frank Underwolf announcing his huffs and puffs via text bubbles à la Frank Underwood as he attempts to wipe out pork, as it were, one straw, wood and brick house at a time. 

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