Both propositions in the City of Moore passed with significant support on Tuesday night.

The propositions passed with more than 60% of the vote, with Proposition 1 receiving 14,197 yes votes (61.7% of total vote) and Proposition 2 receiving 15,216 (66.2%).

Moore City Manager Brooks Mitchell said he is grateful for residents voting yes on both propositions.

“I can’t thank our citizens enough for having the confidence in us to continue our momentum with the renewal of the quarter-cent sales tax and with the reallocation of the hotel/motel tax,” Mitchell said. “I think we have a clear track record of doing what we said we would do, and I look forward to completing the projects that were authorized tonight.”

Proposition 1 will extend the quarter-cent sales tax — which was renewed in 2016 — for the purposes of “capital improvements for the acquisition, construction, equipping and/or remodeling existing Parks and Rec facilities and the Public Works facilities,” according to the city’s website. The extension will become effective on April 1, 2021 and terminate March 31, 2025 if not renewed.

Mitchell said extending the sales tax will also help the city expand on The Station facility.

“We expect the quarter-cent to raise $9.1 million, and we’ll spend $4.9 million on expanding The Station,” Mitchell said. “The Station has been very successful, and it’s been so successful to the point that we need more space to implement other programs. The other part of the sales tax is for expansion and improvement on our Public Works facility. [Public Works] is arguably the most important thing we do, and this will be able to help us meet the demands of our citizens for years to come.”

Proposition 2 will modify the use of the existing 5% hotel/motel tax to include operational expenses and capital outlay for repairs and maintenance of parks and recreational facilities.

“That just helps keep our parks system one of the best in the state, and that’s what we want,” Mitchell said.

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