4-Her Annessa Towell cleans up her goat Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011, for showing at the Cleveland County Free Fair at the county fairgrounds. Transcript photo by Jerry Laizure

Results from the Cleveland County Free Fair were released by fair officials Monday afternoon.

Dairy goats

Grand Champion Milker — Nadja Bullis

R. Grand C. Milker — Wyatt Carpenter

Third Best Milker — Sebstien Bullis

Grand Champion Junior —  Sebastien Bullis

R. Grand C Junior — Noah Klepfer

Third Best Junior — Paul Goodchild

Grand Champion Boer Goats

Prospect Doe

Grand Champion — Blaine Rue

R. Grand champion — Tori Roper

Third best — Tori Roper


Grand Champion — Blaine Rue

R. Grand Champion — Haden Meyer

Third Best — Haden Meyer


Ewes  Breed Champions

Dorset — Haley Greeson

Hamp — Connor Stout

Southdown — Emma Colquitt

Shropshire — Nita Foutch

Suffolk — Smith Paul

Cross — Smith Paul

Reserve Breed Champions

Dorset — Kinley Thomas

Hamp — Lauren Gralla

Suffolk — Graci Brookins

Cross — Lane Thomas

Market Lambs Champions

Dorset — Tori Roper

Hampshire — Brody Scroggins

Shrop — Timothy Whitehead

Speckled — Haley Greeson

Suffolk — Falyn Richards

Southdown — Chance sawyer

Cross — Brody Scroggins

Natural — Gracie Moody

Hair sheep — Corrie McClees

Market Reserve Breed Champion

Dorset — Haley Greeson

Hamp — Garrison Hill

Shrop — Victoria Skinner

Speckled — Kobi Scroggins

Suffolk — Tommi Lee Littlejohn

Cross — Brody Scroggins

Natural — Smith Fall

Grand Champion Ewe — Connor Stout

R Grand Champion — Smith Paul

Third Best — Haley Greeson

Grand Champion Market Lamb — Brody Scroggins

R. Grand Champion — Brody Scroggins

Third Best — Tori Roper


Jr Gilts

Breed Champions

Berk —  Dane Jones

Spot — Ryan Jones

York — Caden Jones

Cross — Kenlee Holman

Reserve Breed Champion

Cross – Kenlee Holman

Market Hogs

Breed Champion

Berk — Carson Fannin

Duroc — Sheridan Welch

Hamp — Lane Thomas

York — Braden Fannin

Cross — Dillon Foutch

Reserve Breed Champion

Hamp — Braden Fannin

Cross — Dillion Foutch

Grand Champion Gilt — Dane Jones

Reserve Grand Champion — Caden Jones

Third Best — Kenlee Holman

Grand Champion Market Hog — Lane Thomas

Reserve Grand Champion — Braden Fannin

Third Best — Kenlee Holman


Breed Champions Bantams

Rose Comb clean leg — Ethan Wartchow

Single Comb clean leg — Clayton Wright

All Other Clean Legged — Timmy Whitehead

Feather Legged — Clayton Wright

Modern — Ethan Wartchow

Game — Clay Wartchow

Breed Champion Large Fowl

American — Connoer Grooms

All other Standard Breeds — Treton Summers

Asiatic — Annabell Rutledge

Continental — Kailea McDaniel

English — Connor Grooms

Med.White Leg — Seth Everett

Reserve Champion Pullet

Rose Cone Clear Legged — Peyton Wheeler

Single Cone clear legged — Clayton Wright

All Other Clean Legged Cornish — Timmy Whitehead

Feather leg — Timmy Whitehead

Modern — Clay Wartchow

Game — Devon Austin

Reserve Champion Large

Barredrock — Seth Everett

All Other Standard Breed — Treton Summers

Asiatic — Annabelle Rutledge

Continental — Kaliea McDaniel

English — Connor Grooms

Med.— Seth Everett

Grand Champion Bantnam — Clay Wartchow

R. Grand Champion Bantnam — Ethan Wartchow

Grand Champion Large Fowl — Treton Summers

R. Grand Champion Large Fowl — Connor Grooms

Grand Champion Turkey — Clayton Wright

R. Grand Champion Turkey — Trace Anderson

Grand Champion Water Fowl — Clayton Wright

R. Grand Champion Water Fowl — Hunter Welchel

Ugliest Chicken — Andrea Wartchow

Beef Cattle

Breed Champion Heifers

Simmertal — Evan McMahan

Cross — Conrad Moffat

Breed Champion Steers

Charolais — Jacob Hyde

Short Horn — Tyler Jenkins

Dairy Cattle

Breed Champion

Jersey — Seth Everett

Guernsey — Kallie McDaniel

Milking shorthorn — Seth Everett

Reserve Breed Champion

Jersey — Seth Everett

Guernsey — Payton Wheeler

Grand Champion Dairy Cow — Seth Everett

Reserve Champion Dairy Cow — Payton Wheeler

Third Best — Kallie McDaniel


Boer Goats

Grand Champion — Blaine Rue

R. Grand Champion —  Haden Meyer


Grand Champion — Tori Roper

R. Grand Champion — Brody Scroggins

Dairy Cattle

Grand Champion — Kalie McDaniel

Reserve Grand Champion — Seth Conner


Grand Champion — Caden Jones

Reserve Grand Champion — Austin Fannin

Dairy Goats

Sebstien Bullis

Natia Bullis


Grand Champion Rabbit — Magnolia Ireland

Reserve Grand Champion — Magnolia Ireland

Best of Show

Crafts — Gene Draper

Scrapbooks — Ann Darold

Scrapbooks — Sharon Sharp

Arts — Chris Newlin

Photography — Black & White: S. Lawson

Photography - Color — Russell Chronister

Photography - View at County Fair — S. Lawson

Cakes — Bernie Calvert

Cookies — Jade Hardisty

Grandma's Cookie Jar — Bernie Calvert

Confectioners — Merle Wilkinson

Yeast Bread — Jan Haddad

Infant's Clothing/Accessories — Joyce Tinsley

Needlework — Gina Burks

Quilts — Deanna Ferguison

Knitted Articles — Margaret Kahoe

Crocheted Items — Margaret Kahoe

Canned Fruit — Vicki Loemker

Canned Vegetables — Bernie Calvert

Dried Food — Bernie Calvert

Jellies, Pres, Butter, Jam, etc. — Ann Jones

Pickles & Relishes — Lee Offitt

Youth Canning —  I. Montomery

Plant — Mary Miller

Pumpkin — Marcus Perry

4-H - Sweepstakes Photo — Annie Bragg

Floral or Plant Design — Amanda Heister

4H - Quilts — Elly Rex

OHCE food preservation — Bernie Calvert

OHCE food prepartion — Betty Goodman

OHCE Clothing — Hopewell

OHCE Fine Arts — Night Owls

OHCE Needlework — Corn

OHCE Quilt — Clothier#15

OHCE Home Furnishings —  Pleasant Valley

OHCE Breads — Pleasant Valley

Developmentally Disable — Sharon Sharp

Livestock judging contest

4-H Top High Point Individuals:

1. Brody Scroggins; Moore 4-H- 184

2. Abigail Jenkins; Circle C- 173

3. Conrad Moffat; Lexington 4-H- 168

4. Tristen Kinnamon; Circle C- 164

5. Taylor Manning; Circle C- 164

6. MacKenzie Moody, Moore 4-H- 159

7. Russell Boatman; Circle C- 155

8. Chance Sawyer; Lexington 4-H- 153

9. Gracie Brookins; Circle C- 152

10. Mason Vile; Circle C- 152

4-H Top Teams:

1. Circle C 4-H-476 (Tyler Jenkins, Abigail Jenkins, Tristen Kinnamon, & Rileigh Brookins)

2. Moore 4-H-441 (Ethan Mathews, Brody Scroggins, and MacKenzie Moody)

3. Circle C 4-H-463 (Gracie Brookins, Falynn Richards, Taylor Manning, and Mason Vile)

4. Circle C 4-H-441 (Ryan Haswell, Katlynn Haswell, Bricen Ingraham, and Russell Boatman)

5. Lexington 4-H-458 (Conrad Moffat, Smith Paul, and Chance Sawyer)

6. Moore 4-H-347 (Kobi Scroggins, Kesler Kennan, and Carson Fannin)

FFA Top High Point Individuals:

1. Johnna Fipps; Noble FFA-200

2. Garrison Hill; Norman FFA-197

3. Morgan Hillerby; Norman FFA- 193

4. Baylea Sims; Norman FFA- 190

5. Tori Roper; Moore FFA- 181

6. Courtney Hopkins; Norman FFA- 180

7. Tommie Jean Littlejohn; Norman FFA- 180

8. Harmonie Sullivan; Moore FFA- 177

9. Jacob Hyde; Lexington FFA- 175

10. Hailey Thurston; Noble FFA- 175

FFA Top Teams:

1. Norman FFA- 548 (Garrison Hill, Trace Anderson, Corie McClees and Courtney Hopkins)

2. Noble FFA- 535 (Johnn Fipps, Nita Foutch, Andy Thurston)

3. Moore FFA- 524 (Torie Roper, Maddie Osborne, Chelsey Mabry, and Harmonie Sullivan)

4. Norman FFA- 519 (Baylea Sims, Jessica Spears, Ti’Ana Hill and Victoria Skinner)

5. Norman FFA- 502 (Elizabeth Vandergrift, Alexandra Walling, Tommie Jean Littlejohn, and Kat Betz)

6. Norman FFA- 492 (Courtney Townsend, Ashley Wicker, Natalia Dihrberg and Morgan Hillerby)

7. Lexington FFA- 479 (Natalie Boatwright, Jacob Hyde, Blaine Rue and Colby Sawyer)

8. Lexington FFA- 475 (MacKenna Adams, Cheyenne Ezell, Konnor McDonald and Coleman Ward)

9. Moore FFA-446 (Austin Fannin, Braden Fannin, TJ Wilhelm, and Quaid Kennan)

10. Noble FFA-427 (Dillon Foutch, Sheridan Welch, Hailey Thurston and Dallaz McKenzie)

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