Garrett Vaughn

Garrett Vaughn

Garrett Vaughn, one of the defendants in the January 2020 shooting death of Thomas Poolaw in Moore, was convicted Friday of two charges in connection with the incident.

A jury on Friday found Vaughn guilty of second-degree murder and conspiracy in Poolaw’s death. In an affidavit, Moore police said Vaughn shot Poolaw Jan. 21 in an apartment during a struggle after he confronted him.

The jury recommended Vaughn be given a 31.5-year sentence for his offenses. Vaughn will be formally sentenced after the beginning of 2022, according to District Judge Thad Balkman.

Vaughn chose not to testify in the trial, Balkman said.

Garrett Vaughn’s cousin Karlin Vaughn and his partner Alexis Kinsman are co-defendants in the case. Their trials are set for January and April, Balkman said.

Vaughn’s defense before the trial argued Poolaw was abusive toward his girlfriend, Vaughn’s cousin. The girlfriend told police Vaughn came to the apartment to make Poolaw leave, which led to the struggle.

Vaughn and the two codefendants had been texting about Poolaw’s abuse prior to the shooting, according to an affidavit provided by Balkman.

Prior to the trial, the defense argued Poolaw tried to wrestle Vaughn’s gun away when the weapon discharged. Police argued they took issue with how Vaughn brought a gun into the apartment and shot Poolaw, whether he meant to or not.

Vaughn was also found guilty of conspiracy on grounds that he and the codefendants agreed to go to the residence to assault Poolaw. The three drove there, and Karlin Vaughn entered the residence with his cousin, according to the affidavit provided by Balkman.

Special District Judge Scott Brockman in July 2020 found probable cause that the codefendants committed second-degree murder because Poolaw died in the commission of their adjacent felony.

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