Omega Laser Design began as a business concept six years ago, while co-owner Darrell Janish attended the International Woodwork Furniture Show, an annual show demonstrating emerging technologies in wood, plastics, machinery, hardware and finishing accessories to builders, contractors and other specialists.

Janish saw a demonstration of the versatility of a new technology for etching and carving that would work on almost any type of material. He began to envision the impact that this type of service could have in Oklahoma’s metro area and across the state, where the need for custom finishing for new homes, and even for remodel work, is high, he said.

Upon his return from the event, Janish presented the idea of owning this type of business to his wife, Tiffany. She is the sister of Omega Laser Design’s co-owner, Robert Barcum. He then talked it over with Barcum, and as a group set up the business in a barn on Barcum’s father’s property.

“We had to run electricity to that site. It was amazing that we completed some of those jobs while we were in there,” Barcum said.

The brothers-in-law had business backgrounds and were independent entrepreneurs prior to joining efforts for Omega Laser Design. Barcum owned an auto lube shop in Newcastle and Janish owned a cabinetry shop that had been in the family since 1962.

Today, they have a great team balance of talent with Tiffany Janish performing the marketing, design and account management and Janish and Barcum continually seek ways to customize products for clients.

After working through obstacles of producing high-end custom jobs without the facilities they needed, they learned of Moore Norman Technology Center’s Business Development Center (BDC) through a business contact.

As on-site clients of the BDC, they would have office and lab space available, with on-site resources and experts to help them grow their business idea. With a business plan already in place, it wasn’t long before they began to call Moore Norman’s BDC their new home for Omega Laser Design.

Omega specializes in deep stone carving through a three-step process. It involves laser-imprinting a custom design onto a material such as a custom-sized stone, next carving out the design, then finalizing the piece with hand-painting over the design and a protective sealant.

Omega has a license that gives them rights to an exclusive territory for this type of service in the Midwest region. The next closest service provider of this type is in California. Janish said their business can offer a cost savings of up to $175 per square foot of deep stone carving compared to the prices in California, all because they are a local and licensed provider.

“With us being available right here, home builders can offer the highest quality of stone and customization without the high price of the work being done in another state and then delivered to Oklahoma,” Janish said.

The group specializes in laser etching that replicates any image, including line art and photographs, onto materials such as granite, marble, glass, tile, leather and wood. They’ve done custom jobs on headstones, keepsake wooden items, urns and even on a high school class ring.

They also specialize in deep stone carving, which is the patented process that allows the transfer of line art onto materials such as marble, limestone, onyx and travertine. This process allows for custom finishes on natural stone floors, back splashes, bathrooms, doors, windows and many more applications. The largest single piece they can accommodate is 8 by 4 foot, with a weight limit of 1,500 pounds.

Additionally, Omega Laser Design supplies this process to 57 Emser Tile locations, including stores in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, Tulsa, Kansas City and more.

Omega Laser Design sells to distributors and retailers but they also assess individual inquiries for personalized gifts, awards and accessories as they can.

Looking forward, Omega Laser Design has begun strategic planning sessions with MNTC and the group plans to attend business-related classes in accounting and online marketing.

They’ve also taken steps to implement environmentally-safe processes into their products, for example, they now use low volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, for their finishing sealants. They have immediate plans to expand their work space to a second lab within the BDC, to meet the needs of the work ahead of them.

Janish believes their business has grown in their efficiency of processes and now offers greater access to clients due to their experience with the professional BDC staff and the assistance of MNTC.

“The BDC has assisted in every aspect of what we needed to get started the right way. They go above-and-beyond in how they help us,” he said.

“Greg Kieson, BDC coordinator, knows so much about the business loan process, and about grant systems and the Oklahoma Business Assistance Network,” Barcum said. “He’s amazing. He offered all of that knowledge to us and we are just so grateful.”

For more information about Omega Laser Design visit or call 996-8770.

For information about MNTC’s Business Development Center, or for a consultation on becoming a client, visit or call 364-3517.

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