Most women know that a great handbag can make an outfit even better. And if that handbag was signed by a celebrity — all the better.

Purse-onality, a fundraiser to support Full Circle Senior Adult Day Center, will be 11 a.m. Saturday at Norman Assistance League, 809 Wall St.

This is the second year for the fundraiser said Tammy Vaughn, executive director of Full Circle Senior Adult Day Center.

“It was a very good fundraiser for us last year,” Vaughn said. “It’s an idea that I’ve had for many years, and I have seen it work in other states. It’s just something that I know women love handbags and we want to change them as much as we change our shoes.”

This year’s event will include many designer, one-of-a-kind and vintage purses.

“We have a couple of purses from Megyn Price. She is a huge benefactor for us. Her uncle comes here,” Vaughn said.

Price, a Norman native and star of “Rules of Engagement,” is unable to attend this year’s fundraiser due to a filming schedule.

However, Price has been able to supply the fundraiser with items such as a wallet signed by David Spade, Price’s co-star on “Rules of Engagement,” wallets signed by Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer of “Two and a Half Men,” a purse from Holland Taylor, who plays Evelyn Harper on “Two and a Half Men,” a wallet signed by Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly Williams and a purse from Melissa Joan Hart.

Also included in the fundraiser are items from Sherri Coale, a book and Pendelton blanket package from Molly Levite Griffis, a University of Oklahoma package that includes a handmade OU bag with red and cream inserts, a pair of OU shoes, two tickets to an OU game and OU jewelry, a pair of signed Sylvester Stallone boxing gloves and a kid glove Monsone purse and many other surprises Vaughn said.

Ed Copelin will serve as master of ceremony at the event, and a luncheon by Benvenuti’s with a dessert will be served. Gene McKown will serve as auctioneer. Brockhaus Jewelry will have a jewelry showing during the luncheon, and Hob Nob Rob’s will serve a signature drink and wine.

“It’s a wonderful way for women to get together and have a really nice luncheon and a couple of cocktails and get their purses for the year,” Vaughn said. “It’s also green because people are recycling what they already have. It’s something I think supports Full Circle in some way, as we start out new and we end out vintage. It goes along with what we do here.”

Every person attending also will receive a gift bag with numerous items.

Cost for the event is $60. To RSVP, call Kathy Heiple, 321-7863; Susan Vassilakis, 570-2122; Barbara Bush, 822-3941; Judy Scott, 321-2065; Patricia Grasse, 360-6703; or Vaughn, 401-7405. Participants wanting to pay by credit card can call Full Circle Senior Adult Day Center, 1304 E. Lindsey Plaza Dr., at 447-2955.

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