About eight months ago we experienced weather not fit for man or beast. Freezing temperatures, sleet on the telephone poles and electrical lines knocking out power in every city. Snow banks created by snow plows took weeks to melt.

Memories of a cold winter we’d all like to forget.

We’ve experienced a 180 degree spin — only this time the temperatures topple triple digits. It’s so hot than neither man nor beast want to be out in the scorching rays.

Just take a look at the wild black birds that line the wires and linger in parking lots. They pant as they search for a cool place to rest.

Lucky for those of us who are not mail carriers during extreme weather. I wouldn’t want to be out in the freezing rain, nor in the 100 plus degree heat. On Saturday, our mail carrier ambled up to the porch to place the mail in the box. He looked like he was ready to drop. He wore a large rimmed hat and had a bottle of water strapped to his side.

Five minutes of dashing between the air conditioned car and the house is enough for me to rush inside for a Popsicle to bring my body temperature down.

When I arrived in the parking lot on Sunday, I was met by the dog that frequents our church. He is some type of rottweiler, solid and tough-looking. The first time I saw him I asked him if he wanted to come inside with me. He banged against my leg then proceeded to smell the tires of nearly every car in the lot.

Now it’s a regular game we play, he’ll walk me to the side door and then trot off back near the cars.

Today, he looked hot. Very hot and I’m certain he would have loved a bowl of water. No such luck.

He sat down near the double glass doors at the entryway that were shaded by an overhang and waited.

Little did I know how smart this creature was until I sat in the pew and opened my bulletin. “Youth Group Ice Cream Sale after the morning service under the overhang.”

The temperatures soared to above 103 degrees. Ice cream melted as fast as the teenagers scooped it into the cones and the Church Dog happily licked up the drippings off the cement.

On a day not fit for man or beast, God provided a little relief for the congregation and for the husky dog that was willing to come to church on a hot August Sunday.

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