The day was long and hard and for lack of a better word -- horrible.

It was 2:30 before I was able to grab a bite to eat and in typical fashion I ate at my desk.

Work was the last thing I wanted to think about so I plugged my earphones into the computer and tuned in to my favorite station. For the next 15 minutes my hectic world was transformed into blissful peace.

Music from my childhood, soothing, refreshing came across the airwaves. The hectic day was forgotten and my body relaxed as the music continued.

It was like one of the those "Calgon Take Me Away" commercials -- transported for the moment to a calm, warm place far away from the toils of the day.

Later that night as I prepared dinner and ironed clothes for the next day I put on my headset to get another dose of heavenly music.

I wasn't disappointed. Every song was as if it had been a special request -- by me. Even though I had work to do at home, it didn't matter -- I was transformed to a better place. It was great.

The next song was a medley performed by string instruments including a harp. With each note, I floated to the clouds. Harps have been called the music of the angels. It only takes a few notes to understand why. Such beauty, such grace, its music for your soul.

If you've ever watched an old movie from the 1800s, there's often a woman playing a harp at social gatherings. Even back in the olden days, they appreciated good music.

There's nothing like a touch of heavenly music to take you away from the cares of this world.

Imagine how wonderful heaven will be with angels singing and harps cording melodious tunes -- the most beautiful music we'll ever hear and it will last for eternity.

But for today, we'll listen to our favorite songs and let the music of the angels brush our hearts and give us strength to make it through another day.

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