One of our favorite things to do is view a beautiful sunset. Not surprising, some of the best are found at Florida beaches, Huntington Beach, California and Laguna Beach, California.

When you Google the top places to view sunsets around the world it lists places like the Empire State Building in New York; Stonehenge, England; Tahiti; Angkor Wat, Cambodia; Maui, Hawaii; Atacama Desert, Chile; Tanzania; Uluru, Australia; Santorini, Greece and the South Pacific.

The sunset we saw this evening was breathtaking. The sky was pink, orange and purple. Even in a city setting one can catch beautiful sunsets. It is amazing how a sunset transports you to a heavenly place.

As we watched the sky change colors the song Beyond The Sunset filtered through my thoughts. I love to research the stories behind the songs I love, so off to the internet my fingers flew.

In 1936, Virgil Brock and his wife Blanch Brock were invited to a faculty to dinner at the home of a faculty member from the Rodeheaver School of Music at Rainbow Point, Indiana. Virgil Brock was a lyricist and his wife Blanch was a composer.

The sunset over Winona Lake was so beautiful the faculty members talked about how fabulous this particular sunset was and detailed every facet of the glorious sunset. Soon they were all quiet, simply soaking in the spectacular view.

Virgil’s cousin, Horace Burr, who was blind from birth; spoke up with excitement in his voice saying that he had never seen such a beautiful sunset.

When asked how he could possibly have seen the sunset when he was blind, Horace replied, “I see through other people’s eyes, and I think I often see more - I see beyond the sunset.”

When Virgil returned home felt inspired to write a song about the sunset. His wife slid next to him on the piano bench. Horace was there, too. When he heard the first few verses, Horace reminded them of the storm clouds that had been hovering above that evening’s sunset and gave the suggestion that this be included in the fourth verse.

Before they went to bed that night, Beyond The Sunset was ready to be published.

Beyond The Sunset

Beyond the sunset,

O blissful morning,

When with our Saviour

Heav’n is begun.

Earth’s toiling ended,

O glorious dawning;

Beyond the sunset

When day is done.

Beyond the sunset,

No clouds will gather

No storms will threaten,

No fears annoy,

O day of gladness,

O day unending,

Beyond the sunset,

Eternal Joy.

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