Cleveland County Treasurer Saundra DeSelms was recognized for 30 years of service and safety at the regular meeting of the Cleveland County Commissioners Monday.

DeSelms received a certificate and a jacket. Three other county employees received certificates and jackets for 25 years of service and 28 other employees were recognized for 20, 15, 10 and 5 years of service.

Deborah Baker, court clerk’s office; Alice Francis, county clerk’s office; and Michael Jones, county assessor’s office; each received a jacket.

Twenty year employees honored were County Clerk Tammy Howard, Suzanne Annesley, Delores Hays, Angela Mead and Jesselyn Perrin.

Fifteen year employees honored were Helen Hyde, Tammy Todd, Brenda Wakeman and Kristy Wilson. Nelda Bugher, Danny Carpenter, Brenda Frazier, Heather Henderson, Joe Inman, Becky King, Roy Mallory, Aubrey Scanlon, Michael Stevenson, and Danny Todd each have 10 years of service and safety.

Steve Clinkenbeard, Mark Drummond, Thomas Edwards, George Greaham, Charles Gregory, Sammy Hunt, Kim Lopez, Stephen Murphy, Daniel Piazza and Jonathan Prykryl each have 5 years.

Henderson also was the sheriff’s department employee of the year.

An interlocal agreement with the district attorney’s office was struck from the agenda. District 3 Commissioner Rusty Sullivan said there were “still some issues.”

After the meeting, District 1 Commissioner Rod Cleveland said they were working on the agreement that was between the old board and the last DA. They are“going through it spelling out the duties and paying attention to the details,” he said.

They also struck a proposal to convert parking meters around the courthouse from one hour to two. Assistant District Attorney David Batton said the city was asking for participation by the county but “now will handle it themselves.”

The City of Norman also will install an all way stop at Indian Hills Road and Porter Avenue at no cost to the county. Skinner said the city had done a study on the intersection and determined a four-way stop was necessary due to frequent accidents.

Commissioners accepted three tracts of land from Johnson Controls Inc. to realign Franklin Road during construction of the Cleveland County Detention Center and allow an easement for Johnson signage.

In other personnel business, commissioners appointed themselves as requesting officers for a county commissioner account and Denise Ellison and Dana Brown as receiving officers.

Sarah Jones, teaching assistant for the Early Foundations Replication Project was approved. She will work with the Cleveland County Health Department, NorthHaven Day School, Norman Public Schools and Early Foundations with children suspected or diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The agreement is for $10 per service hour not to exceed $10,000 plus mileage.

Commissioners also will establish a maintenance-custodial supervisor position listing job description, responsibilities, duties and salary.

Commissioners also approved a contract with Eastern Oklahoma Youth Services at Woodward County Regional Detention Center for juvenile detention services in the amount of $23.25 per day per child.

They approved the sheriff’s report and claim for the June board of county prisoners for $14,080.

Maintenance agreements between the county clerk’s office and Sooner Copy Machines for two copiers, and Eastman Kodak Company for a reader and printer were approved.

Commissioners agreed to ask the jail project manager, Rees Associates, Inc., to check the feasibility of plumbing a portion of the second floor of the existing jail.

Cleveland said after the meeting there is a day room or training room and two other smaller rooms could be made into another dormitory. At this time he isn’t sure how many beds it would add.

Commissioners accepted bids and may award later for road oils, emulsions and sealants for the county, and awarded commissary services for the sheriff’s office to Keefe Commissary Network on the recommendation of Doug McKenzie (sheriff’s office). Temporary commissary services were awarded to Midway Grocery Inc. dba Thompson Commissary Supply.

McKenzie asked commissioners to reject bids for vehicles for the sheriff’s office. They will re-bid later, sheriff Joe Lester said.

Meeting as the Justice Authority later Monday, trustees accepted the three tracts of land from Johnson Controls Inc., agreed to pay an invoice to Rees Associates for $60,000.02 and tabled a payment to AIP for architectural services in the amount of $23.374.55.

The board voted to change the water plumbing lines in the kitchen of the new detention center and keep a proposed maintenance and storage building as an alternate to bid of the center.

Trustees also voted to have the city of Norman fire marshall and fire chief look at the plans for the detention center and to make any recommendations on a third fire hydrant on the east side of the building and fireproofing on firewalls.

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