An election Aug. 9 for precincts in Cleveland and Oklahoma counties will be the state’s first to fall under the new Photo ID law. Oklahomans passed the law overwhelmingly and it goes into effect July 1.

The Aug. 9 vote involves nine Cleveland County precincts and is a Republican only primary for the Senate District 43 seat. The winner will face the Democrat Oct. 11.

Voters that do not have or do not wish to show a photo ID may show their voter card that was issued by the election board. Types of photo IDs that are valid include a driver’s license, a military ID or any tribal or U.S. government-issued ID that includes a photo.

We’re reminded that the precinct workers didn’t make the new law. They’re just carrying out the intent of the legislature and voters. It makes no sense to unload on them. (It’s hard enough to recruit poll workers).

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