The Area Prevention Resource Center (APRC), a program of Norman Addiction Information & Counseling (NAIC), recently conducted Reward Reminder Visits (RRVs), or compliance checks, to Cleveland County retailers as a reminder to not sell tobacco products to minors.

The checks took place at 17 different retailers in Moore, Norman, Lexington and Slaughterville. Out of the 17 locations, one retail outlet attempted to sell a tobacco product to a minor.

“It’s great to see more retailers understand the importance of not selling tobacco products to minors,” said Ja’Rena Lunsford, prevention specialist at NAIC.

A minor will go into a store with an adult nearby. The minor then tries to purchase a tobacco product. If the store clerk does not sell to the minor, the clerk is given a reward card. If the store clerk tries to sell the tobacco product to the minor, a reminder card is issued. An actual sales transaction never takes place.

Reward Reminder Visits in conjunction with comprehensive community efforts can dramatically reduce illegal sales to minors.

The RRVs were conducted with help from students from Noble High School SWAT, Students Working Against Tobacco and volunteers from the Cleveland County Communities of Excellence Tobacco Control Program.

The Norman Area Prevention Resource Center provides prevention and education services in McClain and Cleveland counties. The Moore recently visited that did not sell tobacco to a minor were: Walgreens, 1201 NW 12th St. and CVS, 1040 SW 19th St., Moore.

NAIC, a United Way agency, provides help and hope to individuals, families and communities impacted by alcohol, drugs and co-occurring conditions. For more information go to or call 321-0022.

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