In Moore, the legend involves colors.

Or at least throwing them.

As high school seniors across the country prepare for graduation ceremonies this year, each group brings its own collection of traditions, myths and legends to forefront as students end their high school careers.

In Moore those traditions involve tassels and streamers.

Graduates from Moore High School and Westmoore High School will each graduate this week during ceremonies at Oklahoma City’s Cox Convention Center.

During each ceremony about 600 seniors will walk the inside of the Cox building and later, “pass the torch” from the senior class to the junior class.

And up to that point the ceremony is similar to others in the country.

But as the event ends, Moore seniors go a different route.

“Both schools have a photo moment when they change tassels,” says Brad Fernberg, Moore’s assistant superintendent of secondary education and instruction. “Then, at the end of the ceremony, the seniors throw streamers into the air to celebrate their accomplishment.”

The tradition, Fernberg said, “is very colorful.”

And, for Moore officials, it’s the last time just two schools will celebrate their seniors

Beginning this fall with the opening of Moore’s new Southmoore High School, the district will be home to three, Class 6A high schools. And those three schools will each hold graduation ceremonies next year — and three groups of seniors will, in turn, have their own, unique traditions.

Fop students at Southmoore, those traditions will be brand new.

“They have been discussed,” said Southmoore’s new principal, Roy Smith. “I suspect we will have the banners, because I think those are very important. And we’ll probably see the passing of the torch and the changing of the tassel.”

But as far for the rest of those traditions, Smith said, they are still developing.

“I really can’t tell you that today, because it’s evolving,” he said. “We’ll have discussions with the seniors, themselves, the assistant principal and the senior class advisors. We want our students to have ownership in their ceremony. And for Southmoore’s new seniors, they will have the opportunity to have a great say about what those traditions are.”

Moore school superintendent Deborah Arato said school officials are excited by the chance to see new traditions born.

“I think that we’re going to have the opportunity of a new customs, and new traditions at Southmoore,” Arato said. “It will be exciting to see their take on tradition.”

Both Moore and Westmoore, she said, “have very solid traditions” and Southmoore might include some of those traditions as its student decide how they want to celebrate their graduation.

“There will be a Southmoore graduation in 2009,” Arato said. “But because many seniors in the boundaries have elected to stay at Moore and Westmoore that first ceremony will be somewhat smaller.”

No matter.

It’s the chance to build something new from the ground up.

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