When Steven Spielberg screens a movie for the first time, he does it in the lap of luxury.

Bill Warren wants his customers to have the same experience. The Warren Theatres president plans to give visitors a taste of the good life with his new Director’s Suites, which he unveiled Thursday at the Moore Warren Theatres.

“I wanted people to experience that kind of Hollywood mogul thing,” Warren said. “The very high end. We had already done that with the balconies. But I wanted to take that to a new level. And instead of going big this time, go small, intimate and high-end luxuries.”

In March, the Moore City Council approved a sales tax rebate agreement that paved the way for a 600-seat IMAX theater to be built on the north side of the massive Warren Theatre.

While the IMAX was being finished, Warren wanted to keep the Director’s Suites a secret until construction was completed. He felt now was the best time to introduce the new concept to the masses.

“It’s the start of the Christmas season, which starts in November,” Warren said. “I wanted to open this before the IMAX because I didn’t want to confuse the two issues. I know a lot of people probably thought this is something about the IMAX, and it’s obviously not. I think people are going to be shocked when they see these auditoriums and see that this was secretly being built for the last six months.”

The suites feature two auditoriums that share a private lounge area. The luxurious, custom-designed areas have 40 heated seats that are electronically controlled, can fully recline and offer a massage setting.

“This is exactly how my friends have it out in California,” Warren said. “So we thought we would bring it to the Midwest. I don’t know anyone who does heated seats besides our company. I think that’s something the ladies will like.”

Customers who pay the $22 per seat to watch a film in the Director’s Suites will be able make use of the food and beverage service from their seats.

According to Warren, each auditorium cost around $1 million. Customers must be at least 21 years old to enter. The suites can also be rented out for parties and private gatherings.

“Several of my movie friends in Hollywood have them,” Warren said. “If you want to see a movie like the moguls watch them, this is your chance. Our idea is to build the very best and most luxuries. That’s the kind of experience I want for our customers.”

The Director’s Suites will open to the public for the first time Nov. 17 with a midnight showing to premier “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.”

The Warren Theatres in Moore will be the only theater in the country to provide the suites.

“I love Moore and I love Oklahoma City,” Warren said. “Keep in mind, I’m out of Wichita, Kan. This is the area I grew up in. I just like the friendliness of the area. I could have moved years ago to the East Coast or West coast. But I have no desire to do that or do business on either coast.”

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