A Moore junior high student was arrested Monday morning after firing a CO2 airsoft pistol on a school bus, hitting another student in the leg, according to a district letter sent to parents and guardians.

According to the letter, a Southridge junior high student brought a CO2 airsoft pistol onto the school bus Monday morning. While the bus was moving, the student fired the weapon and hit another student in the leg before putting the weapon back into their backpack. The student then exited the bus when it arrived at the school, according to the letter.

The Oklahoma City Police Department was “immediately involved, began their investigation and arrested the student," according to the letter. The student has been taken to a juvenile facility and is no longer permitted on district property, the letter reads.

The pellet punctured the skin of the student who was shot, but the student is OK and the injury is not serious, district spokesperson Dawn Jones said. 

MPS administration will follow district policy regarding disciplinary action, according to the letter.

“We have zero tolerance for this behavior in our schools. We appreciate the swift action of the OCPD,” the letter reads.

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