4th Street bridge repairs

The right lane of 4th Street / State Highway 37 was closed Monday afternoon while crews began working in Moore. Both sides of the road will be restricted to one lane at times during the course of bridge repairs expected to last until the early summer, according to the City of Moore.

MOORE — For the next few months, drivers in Moore will have to find a new route or put up with a few delays as the bridge that takes 4th Street over the interstate undergoes repairs.

The stretch of road that is also State Highway 37 has been narrowed to one lane in each direction, and on-ramps and exits to Interstate 35 will be closed for the next few months, according to a release from the City of Moore. The $1.9 million construction project — funded by the Oklahoma Transportation Commission — to repair the bridge will stretch into early summer of this year.

Drivers on 4th Street / SH 37 who wish to travel northbound on I-35 will not be able to turn onto the on-ramp loop, as it will be closed. Instead, they will be detoured onto Howard Avenue, north of SH 37, which will connect them to the service road and the on-ramp.

Drivers traveling north on I-35 who wish to exit for 4th Street will instead have to exit earlier at 19th Street or later at 12th Street, as their preferred exit ramp will be closed.

Drivers travling south on I-35 who wish to exit for 4th Street will still be able to, but they cannot continue onto the service road that stretches in front of the shopping center and, for example, the Warren Theatre. Instead, they detour will force them right to where Classen Avenue intersects 4th Street.

Drivers are asked to use caution in this area as the speed limit will be reduced in the construction zone. Travel delays are to be expected throughout the construction.

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