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MOORE — A juvenile was arrested Wednesday morning after he was found in possession of a loaded gun at Moore High School.

School resource officers from Moore Police Department brought the suspect, a Moore High student, into custody, Public Information Officer Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said. The handgun was found in a bag officers searched that belonged to the student.

“Of course, we don’t know why he has the gun at the school,” Lewis said in a press conference filmed on Facebook Live by a KOCO reporter. “The school takes a lot of measures to try to prevent things like this, but it does pose a huge risk having any kind of weapon at school. That’s what our intent now is to find out why did he have it at school, where did he get it and what was his intent.”

Moore High was never placed on lockdown, as no direct threat had been made and officers were present when the gun was located. The student will now be interviewed by investigators.

He said officers were first alerted to the incident around 11 a.m. by a smell of marijuana coming from one of the school’s bathrooms. When officers went inside, they found the student with a small amount of marijuana.

“Upon searching a bag that belonged to the student, they located a firearm, a handgun that was loaded, that turned out to be stolen,” he said. “That student has been arrested and is being interviewed about why he had a loaded handgun at school.”

Ammunition for the gun also was found in the bag. He said since the gun was reported stolen, officers should be able to locate the owner quickly. Charges will be determined by how and why the student acquired the gun and brought it with him to school, Lewis said.

“It depends on what the intent was, but just having a weapon at school is very dangerous,” Lewis said.

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