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On Tuesday’s ballot, there are eight state races, a presidential race, eight judicial retention votes, two state questions, two City of Moore propositions and a Little Axe Fire Protection Board race on the ballot. (Editor's note, whether or not a race is on your ballot depends on where you live; not every candidate listed below will show up on every ballot.)

NATIONAL RACES: First on the ballot is the presidential race. The two main party candidates include; the Republican nominee, incumbent President Donald Trump and running mate Vice President Mike Pence, and the Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris.

The other presidential candidates include; Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgenson and running mate Jeremy Spike Cohen, independent candidate Jade Simmons and running mate Claudeliah Roze, independent candidate Kanye West and running mate Michelle Tidball and independent candidate Brock Pierce and running mate Karla Ballard.

Also on the ballot is the U.S House of Representative District 4 race. The candidates include; Republican incumbent Tom Cole, Democrat Mary Brannon and Libertarian Bob White.

Voters will also be deciding between candidates for one of Oklahoma’s two U.S. Senate seats. The candidates on the ballot are: Republican incumbent Jim Inhofe, Democrat Abby Broyles, Libertarian Robert Murphy, independent Joan Farr and independent A.D. Nesbitt.

STATE RACES: There are six state races on the ballot.

Oklahoma State Senate District 15 race between Republican incumbent Rob Standridge and Democrat Alex Scott.

Oklahoma State Senate District 45 race between Republican incumbent Paul Rosino and Democrat Jennifer Wilkinson.

Oklahoma State Representative District 45 race between Democrat incumbent Merleyn Bell and Republican Phillip Hillian.

Oklahoma State Representative District 46 race between Democrat incumbent Jacob Rosecrants and Republican Nancy Sangirardi.

Oklahoma State Representative District 90 race between Republican incumbent John Echols and Democrat Wayne Hughes.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner race between Republican incumbent Todd Hiett and Libertarian Todd Hagopian.

COUNTY RACES: There are two county races taking place in Cleveland County. One is the Cleveland County Sheriff Race between Republican Chris Amason and independent Kelly Owings.

The second is the Cleveland County Commissioner District 2 race between Republican incumbent Darry Stacy and Democrat Michael Thomas.

STATE QUESTIONS: There are two state questions on the ballot this year in which voters can either vote “yes” or “no.”

The first is State Question 805: This question would prohibit Oklahoma judges from using previous nonviolent felony convictions as a reason to increase prison sentences for defendants convicted of new nonviolent crimes.

The second is State Question 814: This question would change the amount of money directed to the state’s Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET Fund) from 75 percent of the annual payments to 25 percent. Currently, TSET receives 75 percent of the annual payment and the remaining 25 percent is directed to the Legislature and the attorney general.

JUDICIAL RETENTION: There are eight Justices on the Judicial Retention ballot this year: Supreme Court District 1, Supreme Court District 6, Supreme Court District 9, Court of Criminal Appeals District 2, Court of Criminal Appeals District 3, Court of Civil Appeals District 1 - Office 2, Court of Civil Appeals District 2 - Office 1 and Court of Civil Appeals District 2 - Office 2.

CITY OF MOORE PROPOSITIONS: Moore residents will have the opportunity to vote on “yes” or “no” on two different propositions.

Proposition 1: This proposition would extend the existing ¼ cent sales tax for the purposes of capital improvements for the acquisition, construction, equipping, and/or remodeling existing Parks and Rec facilities and the Public Works facilities; to become effective April 1. 2021 and terminate March 31, 2025 (four years). The last renewal of this sales tax was approved in November of 2016 and is set to end March 31, 2021 if not renewed. The 2016 renewal allowed for a new fire station and training facility as well as parks and recreation facilities.

Proposition 2: This proposition would amend the scope of the existing 5% hotel/motel tax by modifying the use of the hotel/motel tax to include operational expenses and capital outlay for repairs and maintenance of parks and recreational facilities.

LITTLE AXE FIRE PROTECTION: The Little Axe Fire Protection Board Member Office 2 race is between Winnie Russell and Jeneea Palms.

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