Chess Corner: Go for the kill

In the Beatles movie “Yellow Submarine,” Ringo says, “There’s a hole in me pocket. Maybe that’s the way out.” With hint in mind, please try to find white’s winning way out.

Black’s position on the queen-side is ominous with its c4 and d4 pawns and its powerful bishop on d5. Countering this on the king-side is white’s e5 and f6 pawns. The difference between a queen-side attack and a king-side attack is that a queen-side kills slowly whereas a king-side assault may kill instantly, negating the slow death on the queen-side.

To this end, white’s queen jumps onto g5. This threatens mate on g7 and forces black to move its g7 pawn to g6. Now, there is hole black’s king-side. White’s queen then snuggles onto h6 (see next diagram).

Chess Corner: Go for the kill

From here, white has a clear way out via checkmate on g7. Black can throw away pieces at white’s king and delay the inevitable. For example, bishop takes the pawn on f7, check. Alternatively, black’s queen takes white’s pawn on f6, which is taken in turn by white’s e5 pawn.

The lesson this week is to go for the kill. Isn't that what the Beatles were all about?

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