There is so much we still don’t know about COVID-19.

And that’s a big we, because it includes more than just media types and the reading public.

We know that vaccinations have been proven effective and safe, but that they are also still being politicized by people who would liken suggestions by medical experts to forced medical experimentation.

The Oklahoma Republican Party posted to social media Monday a screenshot of a text notification from the Tulsa Health Department reminding parents about scheduled vaccinations before school starts.

Entirely normal, because kids are supposed to have vaccinations before starting public school. As they always have. That kind of outreach is right in the wheelhouse of health departments.

The Oklahoma GOP decided this was an attempt to sidestep recently signed legislation, SB 658, which, among things like adding hurdles to school mask mandates and prohibited mandated COVID-19 vaccinations, also prohibits schools from publicizing required immunizations without adding an exemption form.

“…Tulsa Health Department is defying S.B. 658 and doing the dirty lies of public schools by contacting parents without exemption info,” the post reads.

In other words, “We crafted a law to help parents avoid public safety measures and these dadgum liberal medical professionals are trying to skirt the law.”

Also, what are the “dirty lies,” exactly?

The Health Department is doing its job, because for some crazy reason Americans used to want public schools kids vaccinated from measles, mumps and rubella.

So, in a pandemic, we have to deal with the fact that blatant anti-vaccination rhetoric, which used to be home plate for conspiracy theorists and alternative medicine “wellness” gurus now has a well-funded political machine behind it.

If we continue to stand down while the fringe continues to go mainstream the only winner will be disease.


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