SQ 790 — “Use of Public Resources for Religious Purposes”

What it is: 

Supporters of this state question said they were motivated by a recent Oklahoma Supreme Court decision where the court ruled that a Ten Commandments monument on the State Capitol grounds was an unconstitutional use of public property based on Article 2, Section 5. 

SQ 790 would repeal Section 5 of Article 2 of the Oklahoma Constitution, which prohibits public money from being spent for religious purposes.


Ten Commandments monument:


In 2015, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled in a 7-2 decision that the Ten Commandments monument displayed on the grounds of the Oklahoma state capitol violated Section 5 of Article 2 of the Oklahoma Constitution. In early October 2015, the monument was removed.[11]

Rep. Mike Ritze (R-80) proposed the monument in 2009, and a Republican majority in the Oklahoma Legislature quickly approved it. While no taxpayer money was spent on the display, the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma challenged its presence as unconstitutional.

This measure was proposed largely in response to this supreme court ruling. This measure was designed to remove the section of the Oklahoma Constitution that the monument violated.


Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute / ballotpedia.com