After years of leaving the matter to the federal government, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has now decided border security is also a state issue. Years of frustration -- and perhaps the currency of the topic -- have prompted him to take the matter into his own hands.

Gov. Perry wants to spend $5 million to install hundreds of Web cams on private borderlands in an effort to catch illegal immigrants. The plan would rely on sleepless Web watchers -- inside and outside of law enforcement -- hoping to catch a glimpse of immigrants on the run and turn them in on a toll-free hotline.

Gov. Perry sees the plan as similar to watch programs where neighbors turn in suspected criminal activity. But an attorney with the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund told the Associated Press in El Paso that the cameras could lead to vigilantism and racial profiling.

It could also put yet another strain on federal agents assigned to patrol the borders.

But Texas is in the same position as other border states. Their social service system is overworked and they are taking it upon themselves to address the problem.

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