Everyone is complaining about the high cost of fuel, and those complaints likely will increase in the wake of what is predicted to be gas prices nearing $3 or more this summer.

Most people believe a variety of actions can help curb the consumption of oil in the United States. These include tougher government-imposed fuel standards that were announced last week.

What is interesting is the government should be forcing fuel standards on automakers. Wouldn't you think automakers would take it upon themselves to build vehicles the public wants to buy? That means making fuel standards higher on their own instead of waiting for the government to force them to do it.

The sales of sport utility vehicles, trucks and vans has dwindled in the last six months in the wake of higher gas prices. More people are opting for fuel-efficient cars and also hybrids. Yet, the sport utility vehicles, trucks and vans are some of the more popular types of vehicles people like to buy. But, people vote with the pocketbook, and if they perceive higher gas prices will be a problem in driving the vehicles that consume a lot of fuel, they'll buy something else.

Instead of government-forced standards, we'd like to see more incentives for automakers to increase fuel efficiency in these larger vehicles, and we'd also like to see tax incentives for companies that are environmentally friendly. ...

-- The Enid News -- Eagle

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