Barry Switzer's last-minute endorsement of Brad Henry in the 2002 gubernatorial campaign is credited by many with pushing Mr. Henry over the top.

Mr. Switzer, the former Sooner football coach and one of the state's most recognizable figures, this week endorsed State Question 723, the gasoline and diesel fuel tax increase that Oklahomans will vote on Tuesday.

Not even Coach Switzer may be able to save this campaign. He says the $2.50 per month more that a driver would spend is "less than a bottle of water at the football game."

That's true but it's still less than a gallon of gasoline. Prices are at or above the $3 mark throughout the state and no relief is in sight. Passage of 723 is badly needed to help Oklahoma's roads and bridges.

The timing is unfortunate. Perhaps voters will surprise us and seize the opportunity to do the right thing. We urge citizens to vote yes on Tuesday.

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