We’ve been covering Shed Euwins’ case for nearly one month.

On April 9, Euwins was shot near OU’s campus by an unidentified driver. All involved agencies have been less than transparent from that point on.

The Norman Police Department took nearly two weeks to release the fullest account of the shooting that they ever put out (in other recent shooting deaths, NPD has released information within a few days).

The release did not contain Euwins’ name — KOCO had to dig that up on their own — or the name of the shooter. Neither NPD nor District Attorney Greg Mashburn have released the shooter’s name to this day.

Since then, news reports citing Euwins’ friends and family — and eye witnesses to the scene — have produced narratives that contradict law enforcement explanations.

This Tuesday is just the latest in a series of decisions that leave the public wanting for transparency.

Mashburn announced in late April that he would not file charges against the shooter who killed Euwins, citing the state’s “Stand Your Ground” statute. Last Wednesday, as the family and supporters asked Mashburn’s office for clarification on his decision, he agreed to meet with them this week.

On Tuesday, Euwins’ family showed up to meet Mashburn accompanied by criminal defense attorney Katie Bourassa, who said she is not legal counsel for the family, but was there to interpret legalese. Mashburn’s team would not allow the family to meet with the DA with a lawyer in tow.

There is no reason that a family in the position of Euwins’ — having just had their father, son or husband killed — should not have access to legal assistance on their side. The criminal justice system and related terminology can be a harrowing maze for those unacquainted with it, and bringing along someone who can effectively interpret a lawyer’s opinion and ask the questions you want answered is an effective way to get that job done.

When our reporter asked Mashburn’s representative why the DA wouldn’t meet with the family with a lawyer present, the DA office staffer would not give a reason. If Mashburn is confident in his decision to not charge, why wouldn’t that hold up against someone else who practices law?

The lack of transparency with Euwins’ family and with the press leads to further questions from the public and the family about what’s happening in this case.

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