Friday was Keith Humphrey's last day as police chief for the City of Norman.

After eight years in Norman, he's heading to Arkansas to lead the Little Rock Police Department. During his time in our community, Humphrey has led the Norman Police Department with dignity and a laser focus on building relationships between his officers and the community.

Needless to say, Humphrey's role was a challenging one. On top of policing the third largest city in the state, the transient OU population adds complexity to the role. Major events like OU football games and Norman Music Festival can also be taxing on police resources. But, day-in and day-out, Humphrey's department responded to challenging situations in the right way. When mistakes were made, Humphrey was open to admitting what went wrong and how his department would grow moving forward.

He also did a good job of developing strong leaders, as the number of former NPD officers who hold leadership positions in other departments demonstrates. We believe the new city manager will have plenty of excellent intra-departmental choices to lead Norman police, along with whomever else is identified in a national search. We expect the next police chief to also prioritize building strong relationships between police officers and the community, and be an open and transparent leader.

We wish Keith Humphrey best of luck in his new role in Little Rock and continued success. He will be missed.

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