With the addition of editorial board members Michael Ridgeway and Elizabeth Foreman, we have received several questions regarding the role of the editorial board, who is on the board, and how they got here. We thought a quick rundown of our board members and the role the board plays at the Transcript would be valuable to our readers.

Our editorial board is comprised of Transcript publisher Mark Millsap, editor Caleb Slinkard, and community members Shavonne Evans, Regina Stewart, Foreman and Ridgeway. Evans and Stewart were invited to be members of the board last year. The Transcript reached out to the community earlier this year to request applications for two additional community positions. Following an interview process, Ridgeway and Foreman joined the board last week. Terms on the board typically last a year (check out last Friday's editorial for their bios).

Primarily, the editorial board is responsible for the content of locally produced Transcript editorials. The board meets on Tuesday afternoons to discuss potential topics and select future editorial positions. The board is also responsible for approving op-ed and guest column submissions. In the past, the editorial board has endorsed for local and state races, but made a decision in December to suspend that practice moving forward. The current board has not expressed an interest in endorsing candidates or propositions.

The board doesn't approve syndicated columnists or editorial cartoons; nor are the viewpoints expressed by the editorial board representative of all employees of the Transcript or the newsroom. The board is a group of individuals engaged in the community that expresses a collective opinion we hope Transcript readers find insightful or challenging. Additionally, the board uses this space from time to time to highlight accomplishments we believe deserve recognition.

If you don't find your own viewpoints on this page, we encourage you to reach out to us: email editor@normantranscript.com with your concerns or suggestions, with a letter to the editor, guest editorial submission, or to set up a meeting with the editorial board. We look forward to hearing from you.

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