BNSF Railway's decision to shut down the Main Street rail track crossing a few days before Christmas is ridiculous.

The Main Street crossing has had issues for months. According to BNSF, the timing is due to the availability of repair teams. But why now? Why not weeks ago (when a permanent repair should have been made) or next week?

Shutting down the crossing from the start of the business day Wednesday to end of business day Thursday restricts access to businesses downtown during the last few days before Christmas.

For those used to driving downtown, it's an inconvenience. For those already stressed by one-way streets, it's enough to keep them away.

More than anything, it's unnecessary, a decision made without a thought about the community it would impact.

We encourage Normanites to visit downtown merchants to finish up their Christmas shopping, despite the impediment. Local businesses are part of what makes Norman a great place to live, and they deserve our support.

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