After more than five years with the Transcript, and 20 years with CNHI, regional circulation manager Vonnie Clark retired on Friday.

Simply put, Vonnie will be missed.

A faithful employee who worked hard and held her employees to a high standard while remaining calm, patient and compassionate, Vonnie could hold down the fort all by herself. Circulation is not an easy position -- carriers are last people to touch to paper before it reaches our subscribers. Production delays always impact circulation the most.

Carriers are out early in the morning, 2 to 6 a.m. If a route "goes down," i.e. a carrier quits, it's up to the circulation department to throw the route. And if papers don't get where they're supposed to go, phones start ringing. It takes a patient individual who cares about subscribers to do Vonnie's job, and she did it well for decades.

Serving on the editorial board for the past four years, Vonnie provided a thoughtful, open-minded perspective with plenty of common sense.

During a retirement party at the Transcript on Friday, Vonnie said she'd created a pros and cons list when she began discussing retirement with her husband, Jim. There were plenty of pros: more time to spend with her family, sleeping in, travel possibilities, etc. Most of us would have a similar list.

The con? She was going to miss her friends at work.

We're happy for her. We're glad she's going to be able to spend more time with the people she loves, to sleep in on Monday mornings, to travel more.

We'll miss her, too.

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