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After plenty of buildup, the Nov. 3 election is only one month away.

October has only just begin, and we’ve already seen a slew of surprises in recent weeks. The latest news is that President Donald Trump and first lady Melania both tested positive for COVID-19. 

Election Day already was contentious. The intensity increased when Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died, with Trump accelerating efforts to offer Amy Coney Barrett as a quick replacement.

Our nation is as divided as ever, and many partisans have already made up their minds.

The last day to register to vote in Oklahoma is Friday, Oct. 9, which means all registration forms for local residents must be postmarked or received by the Cleveland County Election Board by Oct. 9.

The deadline to request an absentee-by-mail ballot is Oct. 25, but Cleveland County Election Board Assistant Secretary Kathy Singer said they have already received a significant number of absentee-by-mail ballots, and that residents should request and return their ballots as soon as possible.

According to the Oklahoma State Election Board, absentee voters have the option to have their ballot affidavit signature notarized (standard absentee ballot) or witnessed by two people (physically incapacitated ballot) or they can now provide a copy of their valid ID if a COVID-19 state of emergency is in place.

Oklahoma absentee ballot security procedures such as chain of custody, affidavit verification, ballot security and voter identification ensure confidence in the security of our absentee voting process.

Heading into the election, the next phase of CNHI’s nationwide Pulse of the Voters project will focus on previously undecided and change-of-heart voters.

We are seeking out voters who were undecided until now and those changing their choice. We’re wanting sources to tell us how they’ll vote for and what issues or happenings caused them to select the incumbent President Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden, the challenger.

Undecided voters wishing to be interviewed should contact general news reporter Jesse Crittenden adesk@normantranscript.com as soon as possible via email.

In the meantime, visit www.normantranscript.com to take our Pulse of the Voters 2020 Poll. Aggregate results of the unscientific survey will be published with Crittenden’s story later this month.

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