Like its cartoon persona, Pluto the planet came up short this past week. Simply put, he got downsized. One day, he's part of the solar system and the next he's out on his own.

The International Astronomical Union decided the solar system should be made up of just eight planets and Pluto got the boot.

Millions of schoolchildren have memorized the planets over the years only to have an international body say the tiny one doesn't measure up anymore. There are many more planets the size of Pluto and if we name one, we'll have to name all of them, according to their reasoning.

The IAU, according to a published report in USA Today last week, says a planet must meet three new criteria: They must orbit the sun, be big enough for its own gravity to compact it into a ball and have cleared the neighborhood around its orbit.

We are still going to remember old Pluto. Few schoolkids forgot him. The name meant you were at the end of the planet recitation. We suspect his demise as an official planet will make him even more popular.

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