When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a city's eminent domain petition that amounted to a higher use for a piece of property, state and national lawmakers from both parties took to the stump in protest.

Now, ballot initiatives that placed statutory limits on eminent domain were approved in nine states. Of the states with such issues Tuesday, only California and Idaho voters rejected them.

Eminent domain legislation was the largest single issue on the mid-term ballots Tuesday. Same sex-marriage bans were also hot topics. Voters in seven states approved such bans. Only Arizona voters turned it down.

Six states approved increases in the minimum wage. Voters in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Nevada and Ohio approved raises for minimum wage earners. Increasingly, cities and states are tired of waiting on federal legislation and raising the rates on their own.

Voters in California rejected parental notification before minors could have an abortion. Nevada voters approved an indoor clean air act but rejected a less restrictive second-hand smoke ban. In Alaska, voters said no to a $1 billion annual tax on North Slope oil companies.

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