It was only fitting that the pace of traffic along Constitution Avenue slowed to a crawl just after 7 p.m. Monday night. Families were busy finding that just right parking space where they could view the main event: Norman's fireworks!

Cooling rains earlier in the day kept temperatures down this year. It may have been the coolest Fourth of July in many years. The music was good, the visiting was fun, the Kiwanis' watermelon was plentiful and the city employees came through as usual to make it a picture-perfect day for our community. City officials estimated the crowd as high as 15,000.

Some of the municipal workers had already put in storm duty earlier in the day and then headed out to Reaves Park for the festivities. That's real dedication and we know they're just doing their job but they need to know that citizens appreciate it.

Many cities and towns across the country have eliminated the expense of fireworks displays. We would ask that Norman keep up the tradition. It's become a tradition that local residents enjoy and one that brings visitors back to Norman.

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