For the past three years presidents and chancellors of NCAA institutions pushed reform of collegiate athletics. More than three dozen of those administrators met in Arizona last month to affirm that the next round of reform will be just as presidential driven.

The NCAA News, the official publication of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, reports a task force has been assembled to continue studying reform of athletics in order to ensure the health of the enterprise for years to come. The News says two themes will guide the university administrators: strong presidential leadership and alignment of intercollegiate athletics with the educational mission.

The group hopes to have its recommendations ready for airing by the 2006 national convention. In the meantime, they want to begin a dialogue with various constituencies impacted by any decisions. Those groups include faculty, athletes, athletic directors and others.

Subcommittees will look at fiscal responsibility, internal and external constituencies, academic values and standards and student athlete well being. They are being led by University of Arizona president Peter Linkins, University of Texas president Larry Faulkner, Southern Methodist University president Gerald Turner (a former OU administrator) and Karen Holbrook, president of Ohio State University.

"This is not an exercise in fire-fighting," President Linkins told the NCAA news. "This is an exercise in strategic thought, playing the role that presidents and boards are expected to play ? looking ahead, making data-based decisions that reflect favorably on athletics 15 years down the road. We've assembled to protect something we value ? intercollegiate athletics ? rather than to fix something we perceive as broken."

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